Early Ancestors

Date : 2015-09-10 Browsing Times : 11533

Human activities of large scale in Taihu Basin can date back to Majiabang Culture. Before that, some fractional remnants of human activities can also be found occasionally. Archaeologist once discovered a Paleolithic site at Sanshan Island, where a passel of hand hammered stone wares were unearthed, which date history of human activities in this area back to the remote upper Paleolithic Age. A piece of scrapper was also unearthed in Nanjie Village, Huangxiang Town, Northern suburban of Wuxi, which became the proof that people of Paleolithic Age had lived in this land. Another passel of stone wares unearthed at Yaowan Site seems not belong to the Paleolithic Age, but roughness and simplicity of the wares indicate that they might be human remnants before the period of Majiabang Culture.

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